Cantine Armament Incorporated

Gun Systems

Well known for our gun system experience, CAI has the ability to design, integrate, service, and support a wide variety of complex gun systems. Based on years of hands on involvement, we have built a solid reputation for assisting our customers with their legacy systems, as well as for designing and implementing overall system improvements.

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CAI has been at the forefront of system-wide development for the M230 30mm “chain gun” since its inception and continues to provide detailed design, engineering support, and test and evaluation services to our customers worldwide. Our field support services includes hands-on customer training, supporting live fire demonstrations, weapons safety, and the development of complete gun system maintenance programs which are tailored specifically to our customers requirements.

CAI professionals have many years of experience with various gatling gun systems to include the M134 7.62 “mini gun” and GAU-19/A .50 caliber, as well as a variety of gas operated machine guns.

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CAI holds Federal Fire Arms Licenses / Full Automatic (type 10) Manufacture of Destructive Devices and (type 11) Importer of Destructive Devices – originals on file at our facility.